Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Almost forgot...

Oh.. And i'm getting baptised soon :) Hooray!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Crazy Days

Ok... So here goes.

I'm not really sure this has a point yet - but maybe by the time i'm done writing it might! (I hope so!)

It's been a crazy few days.

On Saturday I had the amazing privilege of meeting some of the most passionate and inspiring people I think I've ever met, from the tab life centre in Pontllanfraith.

We had a prayer and intercession time at tintern abbey - words can't even begin to describe how amazing it was.. I then discovered they run a summer camp

(I would encourage anyone crazy enough to be reading my ramblings to check out www.burningheartsco.com )

Looking at the website I came across this passage -

'Mission: Why are we here?
To empower a generation of forerunners for the coming of the Lord - into a lifestyle of Sacred Devotion, Radical Intercession and Extravagant Love for the lost; sustained by the fire of Intimacy with God and the Present Reality of the Kingdom, becoming Agents of Change in the communities of the earth.'

Isn't that just incredible?

Shouldn't that be our mission?

We are called to be passionate, hungry and thirsty for the things of God.

I was listening to a sermon from Mars Hill in Grand Rapids - called "Stay thirsty..."

What am I thirsty for?

Am I thirsty for revival in this land?

I've been considering these questions this week. I'm learning things about myself I didn't know.

I want to be thirsty.

So that was Saturday.. Sunday I just relaxed with the family, went to church and caught up with a really great friend Rhys :)

Monday was an emotional day actually... We said our goodbyes to a Lady in the church who passed away.

She was also a family member, but we had not seen her for a very long time as she was in a care home.

She was a pretty inspirational lady, even now I still remember (and lots of people pay tribute) how hard she worked at anything she did.

It was an incredibly sad occasion, but there was joy at the same time..

There was a chorus that came to my mind:

When I stand in glory,
I will see His face,
and there I'll serve my King forever
In that holy place.

She was called home.

(Its definitely been an emotional few days)

Life is so short, I want to live while I get the chance.

I feel alive.

Check out Psalm 36 if you get the chance. :)

God is good...

Even when life is consistent (my weekends a pretty good example of that)

"Yesterday, today, forever - You never change"

In the words of one of my favourite songs of all time:

"All of my life, In every season, You are still God, I have reason to worship"


Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Tonight I was reminded of these words I wrote:

My Jesus hung upon that cross; they pierced his chest with spears

Dying and naked, he hung in love desperate to draw us near.

A crown of thorns tore at his head,

Yet Grace and mercy flowed

Mocked and tortured for our sins;

He paid the debt we owed.

I’m Unworthy of forgiveness

I’m Unworthy of his Grace

But my Saviour saved me anyway,

On that cross he took my place

From everlasting to everlasting, he sets the captives free.

No longer am I held by the chains sin had round me.

He gives rest to the weary, hope in despair

And forgiveness to all who’ve done wrong

He saved my soul; he’s my stronghold,

I want to praise him with this song.

I’m Unworthy of forgiveness

I’m Unworthy of his Grace

But my Saviour saved me anyway,

On that cross he took my place

Yes living he loved me

And dying he saved me

Yes living he loved me

And dying he saved me

Yes living he loved me

And dying he saved me

By his blood I am redeemed.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Whatever it takes...

I've been thinking today.
How often do I fail to be the person God wants me to be?

I'm determined to be that person.

Whatever it takes:

I will do everything within my power to serve God with everything I have and be obedient in my calling

I will speak out against injustice where I see it

I will do everything to honour and glorify God in my relationships with others

I will do everything I can to look on others with eyes of compassion

I will seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in my community

I will seek to be there for the last, the least and the lost.

I will seek to be the salt and light that Jesus calls me to be

I will seek to live in the knowledge that I am a daughter of God

I will trust in God's promises for my life even when they aren't clear.

I will celebrate God's absolutely extravagant love for me

Whatever it takes.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

How did I get here?

It's kind of crazy; every now and then I sit and wonder..

"How did I get here..?"

Not that this isn't a good place to be;
I am surrounded by the most amazing people I think I've ever been blessed enough to meet, and I'm constantly learning new things.
I just never would have even imagined that God was going to bring me here.

Let me explain...

About 18 months ago I basically had my life planned out.. I know how crazy it sounds, especially given my age, but I think I just craved the security of it all.
I was going to go to medical school - I wanted to be a GP, I even knew I wanted to go to Nottingham Uni..
So I joined the list with 1000's of others and after a huge huge amount of work, work experience of various kinds, conferences for prospective medical students and 4 A level's, I sent off my application, and read "trust me, I'm a junior Doctor" whilst waiting for the responses.

4 Universities.

Not one of them even wanted to interview me.
Every plan I had was bulldozed in the space of about 3 weeks - And I absolutely completely and utterly freaked out.
In the midst of it all -
I was a terrified 18 year old, with no clue what I was doing anymore.
Medical School had been my entire focus for so long, I could barely see anything else.
And then I had a conversation, actually at Spring Harvest 09, it turned my world upside down:

What if Medical School was just not God's plan for my life?
Was I really willing to hand my future over to God?

It kind of set me thinking... Actually, here was my opportunity to totally give the whole thing over to God; Was I prepared to?
And so, as terrified as I was.. I started my gap year.

No plans, No idea at all, No anything.
Just the simple promise that God had a plan, and that his grace would be sufficient.

It is mindblowingly incredible how awesome God is.
I began to just look for things to get involved in, just hoping something would kind of grab me and show me the way..
I came across the Street Pastor website; and very aware of what it is like in Cardiff on a friday night, I jumped on a train the same day to go to a meeeting about it.
Ideal right? Only I could barely afford the train fare, let alone the £300 it required.
So, disillusioned (again).. I came home.

The next thing I know.. I'm sat in Caldicot with my parents, in the tent of the local baptist church, drinking tea, talking about street pastoring with them.
God works in mysterious ways.
Within a week I was training with them.
Within 2 weeks I started going to church there in the evenings.

I've found my place in the body of Christ there.

To cut a long story short(ish):

Life has never been busier;

I've discovered an absolute passion for taking the kingdom of God to young people, and I've found an absolutely amazing family in a church that is (totally unbelievably) willing to run with me on the absolutely mad journey I'm on, and give me the opportunities to do whatever it is that God is calling me to..
I start a degree in September in Youth and community work and Practical Theology...And I could not be more grateful to everybody that has helped me along my journey to get there.

If I've learnt anything (believe me, there are many things I've learnt..)
it's that God is so much greater than my circumstances.

God is so good.

So often I get things wrong - I am absolutely so far from perfect, but God is shaping me, and with his help I hope to be more and more like the person he created me to be every day.
It's amazing what he can do when I have a little faith.

I am a self confessed work in progress...
And this is just the beginning of my story.

Here Goes...

So, I'm kind of new at this..
Basically.. Welcome to my little corner of thoughts and ramblings..
Hope you enjoy.. :)